seven creeds of blogwalkership

1. I shalt blogwalketh to dost avail, be such in the realm haveth knowledge been offered, personal deeds been graced, ‘or thoughts been shared.

2. I shalt neither flame, nor asketh to dost bound to such attitude against ’tis creed; pertamax™, premium, avtur et cetera, to dost blogs I shalt visit; there shalt be no fire.

3. I shalt not asketh thee dost things beyond such I couldst comprehend, not either OOT, not either spam, not either shalt I say of thee kafir™, blasphemy™, konspirasi amerika™, kesesatan yang nyata™.

4. I shalt haveth my talks thru clearly and dear; all anime-ism, moe-ism, otaku-ism, haruhiism, yet shalt it let through – dost into divine truth shalt lead thee the way.

5. I shalt not expect thee wouldst replieth my talks; not would I say makan-makan™ ‘or hetrik™; for such as thee wouldst only will, then shalt I haveth thy reply.

6. I shalt come as thy wouldst summon™, as though thee haveth written ’tis deed of trekbek™ or ping™ to dost posts I haveth, I shalt be of thy side.

7. I shalt see thee as thee wouldst be; a fellow blogwalker o’ mine, no matter as if either thee a seleb blog™ or blogger nyubi™; I shalt haveth my talk thru, dear and polite.

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