a story of ephemeral moments

—August, few years back.
I met her.



there was nothing special about that day on August. the new term was just started, leaving either sighs and boredom to a new starting-whatever for the autumn to come.

that being said, but there was not really autumn as I lived here — I’d like to see one though; falling leaves, reddish skies, and bustling wind through time… or whatever it might have, yet I never saw. an empty wish perhaps, but at least I’d still be able to look up the similarly red-dyed sky, and some falling leaves with some chances of luck of these time around.

it was nothing special, after all. again, August was only to be the beginning of another session of busy days leading to several months ahead; I wonder if I would ever treasure them though. it was only going to be a transient memory after all — running through classes and tasks, beating around assignments, and so on and so on.

but at least, I’d still be able to walk beneath that autumn-like red-dyed skies and falling leaves. nothing else matters enough, and life was just what happened.