unlimited code/works

I am the bone of my code
bread is my meal and chips are my food
I have been drinking over a thousand cups of coffee
unknown to sleep, nor known to game

have withstood pain of hours with desktop and notebook
yet those hands would never allow any rest
so as I pray, unlimited code/works


[1] true story. believe it or not.
[2] don’t bother asking about the reference. seriously.

12 thoughts on “unlimited code/works”

  1. true story,coz ur notebook and desktop just like ur world,games just like ur fantasy,and j-stuff is the way of ur life?am i right?heheh

  2. @ stash

    …no, he’s talking about his final project (a.k.a Tugas Akhir™ πŸ˜› ). all the things mentioned up there are his companions taken-for-granted — whether he likes ’em or not isn’t the actual case. πŸ˜†

    @ grace

    lagi setres ya yud?

    THIS. 😎

    ~sebelum digaplok XD

  3. really big pressure from the final project huh?lol
    so,how the progress of the project?almost done?
    we’ll support u.heheh

  4. it’d be far easier if it’s only about a student thesis. well, it’s not only about it anyways.

    and no, not really big pressure from that. nearly piece of cake anyways, but even a piece of cake could get yourself fed up one time or two.

  5. so in this project u should made a kind of software or something like that huh?
    piece cake for u,but a super big size cake for us.heheh

  6. *baca komen atas*

    *kesambet gaya nayuki*

    un, un. yud1-kun ni wa shigoto ga arun deshou. ganbare dakara. ^^

    fight-o, da yo. n_(^^)_n

    *kesambet off*

  7. sini tak bantuin..
    .. pake do’a !!

    request to Rizma “mbak ma bikinin Yud1 sarapan sehat ya”
    request to Sora “ha nel-kun, coba ketok palany Yud1 biar ga +stress”

    e, jgn lupain lunch ya.. food takes 18hours before it turn to energy,, so this lunch will prevent you from having energyless (?) in the next morning
    good luck.. show your fighting pose..!!!

    it’s october 5th


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