broken code of conduct

“when I was a child, I was taught about ethics. when I am an adult, I am told otherwise.”


years back, I was a child. believing in what was taught to me, while seeing those so-called adults as generous people whose steps I was to follow.

years then, I am (supposedly) an adult. believing in what was taught to me, broken one by one; ironically enough, throughout years of living in this very world I detest.

yeah, it’s not a perfect world. and stupidly enough, I refused to let go of them.

  1. be honest on your words and deeds
  2. be responsible on your own deeds
  3. respect other people
  4. keep your promise
  5. never cheat on other people
  6. never steal anything from anyone
  7. be kind and generous to others
  8. keep your friends close

4 items throughout those years… the world is surely a nice place to stay.


detesting the way the world works. what’s so good about it anyways? =P