a piece of an evening

there I met this girl,
wishing she would fall no more
along those lines she said,
‘is it being in love a curse for me?’

what love is all about anyway,
but forgotten things went awry;
be it intertwining feelings of solitude,
or fate that let us meet to begin with?

there I met this girl,
truth was told I never knew;
learning days of silent tears,
and despair within the silence of solitude

what mistakes are all about, I wonder
of those words of her saying,
‘it’s not falling for you is a mistake,
but this me who fall for you is mistake’

perhaps she would never know
that my heart was also breaking
when I told her I’m sorry;
that I can’t return her feeling

—June 30, 2008
—it’s almost July already…


[1] true story. don’t ask about the details.

[2] you know who you are; thanks for the Sara Teasdale’s piece. I’m keeping it.