10, 22, and some other stuffs

it’s supposedly holiday. still busy with the occasions and stuffs, but at least not as in the usual workdays — good for a change of pace I think.

this week has been busy — a number of relatives coming and staying in my house, and given the situation we were in charge of taking care of most things. no, exactly. it’s everything. hectic, but a lot of fun. and if you ask me, doing chores and washing dishes for > 10 people are way better things to do than any coding session in any software development project. no need to guess why.

today is October 5th. on which I turned 22. nothing special anyway, but I’d like to thank several people for remembering my birthday and delivering the wishes — through short messaging, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk. really appreciate it. you know who you are.

by the way. few days back imairi gave me a task to do. since she wants to know me better (I’ll take that as a compliment :mrgreen: ) as well as some readers would probably do, I decided to share something for this post.

so the task was to write down 10 items about me. since today is special, I’ll share the assigned task on this post. I guess it would be all right though… ne, Ma~i~?[1] :mrgreen:

and so without further ado — the following are the 10 items requested.

1. free-spirited, independent-minded…

well… self explanatory. I put my own freedom above almost anything else. tend to dislike one-sided, chain-of-command environment; should there be one day I willingly enroll myself to Army or ROTC, it’s probably the last day of planet Earth.

on a side note. I don’t really like hierarchical structure of society. be it five years old child or fifty years old CEO, they are only humans. as I am. ahh, privileges. why are humans so cocky? 😛

2. half-hearted gentleman

I would willingly give my seat to a senior citizen on bus. I don’t part with a girl and leaving her walking home alone at midnight.

but I don’t do ‘oh-my-princess-please-get-on’ door opening ceremony for a girl. I don’t like girls (and women) who blabber about their ‘rights’ to be prioritized on the first place. well but of course, those helpless-but-cocky-and-oh-so-cute girls are men’s target of their gentlemen-like act…

…but not mine.

3. choleric and phlegmatic

as it suggests. even this got myself confused, believe it or not. :mrgreen:

I enjoy my life. I don’t really want high-salary-high-pressure kind of job, and I do things I want to do. I don’t like people ordering me around, but I put a lot of effort to perfection on things I do. I embrace my own ideals while (still) being able to shout ‘what the hell’ to whatever crosses the line. I’m not natural-born leader, but I don’t mind taking it on when necessary.

so I guess I have quite fair share portions of each — whether it’s good or not, who cares.

4. high level of individuality

some friends of mine might notice that I tend not to go with the flow… on almost everything. I don’t like to go in ‘group’ or ‘clique’. I put less care for what other people achieve, and I don’t really look up to what people say as ‘great person’.

well, it’s true that those so-called ‘great person’ may have their own quality that I could learn from, and at times I’d be willingly to. but I have mine as well… and it has nothing to do with them. :mrgreen:

5. (self proclaimedly) high quality single

Karen Kasumi[2] once said her infamous line that ‘good guys are either taken or gay’. I’ve met several types of guys though, and it’s kinda hard to admit that she might be right; truth is that most of the guys I met added up to this conjecture.

well, she is wrong. I’m good, not taken, and not gay. unfortunately, I’ll probably still be single for a long time to go… so interested applicants should probably get prepared to be turned down. :mrgreen:

6. favorite quote: ‘don’t take life too seriously…’

the whole saying goes, ‘don’t take life too seriously; nobody gets out alive anyways’. in which the last part is inarguably true. so I’m a simple person who doesn’t ask much from this world — we are not going to live forever on this superficially-sugarcoated kind of world anyways.

7. classifications: pending

I’m quite religious… to some extent. but I embrace secular perspective… also to some extent. I do fasting on Shawwal month, but I don’t like going to liqa’[3]. I read Al-Ghazali, but somehow think that Nietzsche might have his point. I use open source software, but I’d rather buy a proprietary OS to be installed on my notebook. I’m an established Arsenal fan, but I’ll be glad seeing Liverpool taking the Champions League or Premiership trophy.

secular – religious, FOSS – proprietary, etc, etc… why do people like to classify their kinds into groups? it’s a mystery.

8. (sometimes) brutally honest

I’m an honest person. really. sometimes ‘too honest’ that it’s probably mistaken as ‘rude’ or ‘cynical’. let’s just say that it’s more like ‘straight-forward that it might be interpreted as rude’.

for example. I was talking with an elder(ly) person about some marriage issue; ‘what, are you marrying a woman only to have sex? sure, there would be no problem for getting a replacement after your current wife died…’

well, that sort of things.

9. detesting the way the world works

to the extent that I don’t mind if tomorrow morning an asteroid falls down on earth and wipe away mankind’s population.

what’s so good about this world we live in anyway — people being dishonest, and humans killing each other? humans are such greedy creatures, living in this superficial heaven they create: be it classy cars, huge houses and mansions, and prostitutes being hired as political bargain. what else? corrupt cops, cheating husbands and desperate wives, cocky soldiers acting all high and mighty?

anyway. good thing is that there are still good people living on this world. let’s just call it a day then.

10. earn my respect… if you want to

I respect respectable people. no. wait. it’s confusing. well… let’s just say that I only respect those people who earns my respect for them.

I respect people who are (but not limited to): (1) honest (2) reliable (3) generous (4) hardworking. so if you have any opposite traits from the ones in the list, it’s likely that you are not going to have my respect. :mrgreen:

no, seriously. I’m not the type who solely grant my respect to something like ‘seniority’ or ‘hierarchy’ or ‘cultural values’. if people want to have my respect, they would have to show their quality. the same applies to me — sounds fair, doesn’t it? 😉


[1] this phrase originated from the Kanon anime series, used by Sayuri Kurata to address her friend Mai Kawasumi.

[2] originated from the manga series X by CLAMP. this series could be considered classic in present time though.

[3] an Arabic term for one kind of discussion group, usually consisted of a mentor/facilitator and a number of members. ‘focus group discussion’ is probably a closer match for this term.

12 thoughts on “10, 22, and some other stuffs”

  1. hehehe… asli kocak…

    “‘good guys are either taken or gay’.” ? and she might be wrong ?

    hehehe…. 😀

    I like the way you express your blog in english, sounds flow..

    i have to learn much more..

  2. FYI, there are were a number typos and grammatical errors. fixed already… but I guess RSS subscribers wouldn’t find the updates available. oh well.

    ~somewhat lacks proofreading

  3. kambing guling?? :mrgreen:

    Gah, I always forget you share the same B”Day w/ our armed forces.
    OK, Happy B’Day, yud1. Wish you long good life… (so no asteroid will falls down on earth tomorrow…) 😛

  4. Selamat Ulang Tahun! Met Milad! Tillykke med Fødselsdagen! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Otanjyoubi omedetou gozaimasu!

    Sebagai hadiah akan saya nyanyikan lagu selamat ulang tahun bahasa melayu :

    Selamat Hari Jadi
    Selamat Hari Jadi
    Selamat Hari Jadi
    Selamat Hari Jadi
    Selamat Hari Jadi
    Selamat Hari Jadi

    (gitu terus sampe capek. nada sama persis kyk ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun’ di Indo, wekekek)

  5. wew, happy 22nd birthday….

    sori telat seminggu, nich ada sedikit hadiah:
    1. pujian. saya senang baca post yudi
    2. request. review code geass r2 dong, lagi – lagi karna saya suka baca tulisan yudi. jadi walaupun dah banyak yang review, saya mau baca yang dari yudi sendiri.

  6. ^

    thanks. 😉

    review Code Geass R2? materialnya udah ada sih… tapi mulai nonton aja belum. *duh*

    nanti deh, kalau udah ada waktu agak kosong. udah pengen juga nulis review lagi… semoga bisa secepatnya, sih.

    ~Kara no Kyoukai #3 aja belum sempet ditulis T__T


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