tsundere 101: are you a tsundere?

(1) in case you are non-native to this term, google `tsundere`. wikipedia and tvtropes may help as well.

(2) see and match the distinctive traits — match with AND operator unless stated otherwise. you may find somewhat striking resemblance to your traits… or not.

(3) ask moderate-level otaku friend of yours whether you might be tsundere or not. if they (a) have a moderately-hard laugh or (b) aggresively nod in agreement or (c) give somewhat an evil smirk, then you are probably one.

(4) you know, you are actually person of kind heart… but you don’t show too much of such anyway. feels familiar? add one point to your mark.

(5) you are almost certainly one if you have no problem (a) acting cool and tough, (b) being ‘brutally honest’, and (c) speaking your mind bluntly…

(6) …except when it comes to that someone being your love interest, which you have damn hard time admitting. it’s primary characteristics.

(7) anyway. if you happen to be a girl who is (a) good-looking, or (b) unusually rich, or (c) cleverly beyond-average, or (d) any compound of those mentioned, it’s supporting characteristics.

(8) and after going through (1) to (7), almost spewing a ‘wha—?!’, and you are still (frantically) denying that you are a tsundere, you are definitely one.




[1] I once tried taking on this test (with some adjustments). turned out that I’m almost a tsundere. almost.

[2] despite the situation, a friend of mine (a girl, FYI) vehemently denied the statement in [1], saying I’m definitely a tsundere. duh.