three years, and some miscellanea

as some of the readers are probably concerned, there have been no news as well as no recent updates on this website. to some extent this had even set a new record on vacant weeks without updates — as to what might have been known, the latest entry was dated back on March 27, 2009.

it is by no coincidence that shards of memories has passed a milestone on being up and running for 3 years by April 2009. and while one might find it was ironic that there has been significant lag of update around this 3rd anniversary, apparently there have been reasons that the author might have spent less time writing than ever.

yud1 shares his view on how things have been going ever since, about the lag of updates, and some miscellanea. feel free to leave questions to be answered in the comments section — representable questions, if any, would be added (and replied) in this post as further update.


on what you have been doing…

actually, no [there is nothing special]. although if I were to say that, it would not be honest enough anyway. (laughing)

no, seriously. as you might have known already, I graduated from university a while back, around August 2008. back then I had been able to manage at least some (sort of) regular updates, albeit with dropped posting rate. some readers even pointed out that there had been lag of updates back then, and I guess it couldn’t be helped given the situation.

and then I started working, with only week-in week-out schedule of available time to write. [while I thought] it wasn’t a problem, it emerged to be taking more than what I was prepared for. practically, with at least 9 hours taken away in weekdays and [trying to take] adequate rest at weekend, I had less time than I initially imagined. this contributed to the situation, as well as other things I had been working to sort out back then.

no, [the work I’m on] has been comfortable — at least it’s not one hell of situation I’d love to hate. so far I have never taken matters at work when I go home, and the situation has been nice enough as to what I’ve been going through.

on vacant weeks on this website…

truth is, I would have liked to write here as soon as I have the idea and the time to write. however [these] don’t always come hand in hand. there are times when I want to write yet I don’t have the time, while there are also times when I have the time but I just don’t know what to write.

[what I said] might as well be taken as sour grapes though, but I guess that’s the way it is. I’m trying to be honest here. (laughing)

on three years of writing here…

this place [where I write] is important to me. there have been moments I had been unable to work on it, like what happened lately. it’s a shame that there has been over three vacant weeks I was unable to write, but in the end there are times that we can’t have everything as we wished.

of course, [that it has been] three years is an important milestone. although given that when I look back, it seems that I have not been writing as much as I used to be in the first and second years — I can only say about quantities though, since I’m in no position to judge whether the quality of my writing has improved over these years.

on memorable entries you remember…

well… I don’t really know whether it is to be said ‘memorable’ or not, but I do remember some entries better than others. I guess it’s only fair that there are pieces I like among things I have written, but I don’t know if ‘memorable’ is an exact term.

there was an entry I wrote back on August 2008, and I guess I just wrote it the way it was — I wasn’t thinking much about anything else when I started writing. it was on August 24 that I wrote ‘only a memory, only mine‘, one week prior the graduation ceremony of my class in university.

I read it again a while back, and [my reaction was] “aw— did I *really* write this back then?”. not like it’s embarrassing to me, though I guess I have no regret [about writing the entry] on the first place.

on your plan regarding further writing…

no [I can’t say anything], not yet. while I would like to write more, currently there are things to be sorted out on the first place. for now I’ve started to get things on grip, so it’s probably more to a matter of adaptation.