to summarise, today

my life lately has been like Arsenal’s campaign in England and Europe this season: three heartaches in a fortnight. whether fourth is imminent remains to be seen. the lesson: when you don’t know what will be, take one at a time.

relatedly, Arsenal’s Premiership title challenge went dashed last week. that counted fourth for them, though they still have one last chance to get it a little right. sometimes you have the chance. sometimes you don’t.

I went walking to supermarket to buy a 30-sachet pack of Indocafe Coffeemix, among other things. searching around for a while, went asking and it was sold out. apparently you can’t have everything in life.

but walking another mile to the hypermarket, I found the Coffeemix available in abundance. do not hesitate to go for the farther; when you have persistence and good will, sometimes there is a reward. probably.

had a haircut, it’s around the time. apparently I’m not really ugly nor bad-looking (not like I’m categorically good-looking either). people say this and that, but look at the mirror to see who you really are.

took some fun at the arcade. being used to target shooting, Time Crisis tastes like piece of cake. IDR 4K to get through the two bosses, ran out of time in the final stage. to keep in mind:ย don’t take too much time for a single perfect shot.

also, target shooting is not the same as arcade videogames. in the former each shot counts. in the latter, as long as everyone is dead it is good enough. but in life we don’t have unlimited bullets.

went home, walking few good miles, and 500ml tea-in-pet-bottle I bought didn’t last long. hard work deserves good enjoyment; if no one is giving that to you, do something and give it for yourself.

Arsenal v Manchester United tonight. not sure if there will be live coverage on TV. there have been disappointments this season, but at least there is a chance to get things a little right. note the word ‘chance’…

then again, aren’t all we. maybe that’s all we need. to have things a little right.

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