quick update and theme-related

installed an upgrade to the current theme of the blog. apparently there were compatibility issues on font rendering in different platforms — Mac looks good (kinda hate to admit, but it’s Geneva anyway), Linux, well, as good as Kalimati gets (I was wondering if anything web can look really good in them) and Windows 7/Vista was fine enough (well, that was the development platform).

things were fine until I realized that Tahoma renders very much differently on Windows XP. which explains why some readers were saying that the layout felt very much ‘void’…

anyway. had few tweaking with typography, also minor updates on the layouts. web typography came to rescue. as for now, Cantarell goes for the heading, with Perspective Sans at the body and paragraphs.

using the @font-face implementation on CSS3, so far it was satisfactory. the kit was readily available from FontSquirrel, kudos to them for maintaining such repository.

so that was that for now. comments and suggestions are welcome. will write again soon, thanks for reading. 😉