three dreams in three parts


I don’t know how it started, but I was walking. somewhere outside by the side of asphalt road. there were no cars.

I reached an intersection.

at the intersection I stopped. there were traffic lights; red, yellow, green, but it didn’t matter.

I saw people.

they walked past me, talking happily. there was a father with his daughter and son. talking something like ‘for Mom today’. they were happy. there was a girl in her twenty-to-thirties. she was waiting for a bus, then it came and she went on her way. there was a couple holding hands as they walked across the street.

at the intersection only I stayed. people came and people went, into my sight and out of my sight.



I was in a train. it was white and clean, with some sort of modern look not unlike an MRT or monorail. it ran in a straight line with many stops.

I was alone.

there were familiar thump, thump sounds within the car. it was around morning to midday. the thick, large window allowed the morning sun inside. we arrived at a station.

I didn’t remember the name of the station. it felt familiar.

people went in. some took the seat in the same row, some took their seat across me. two girls were talking. a man in his forties was casually looking at his smartphone.

within several minutes the train arrived at another station. some of them left, some others came. the midday sun was bright.



a hospital. green grass in the garden. there was a building to the right. I caught myself looking up at one of the windows.

a gentle breeze. a warm afternoon sun.

there was a call. I picked up the phone. it was from Mom. I said I would be there again shortly. I put the phone back in my pocket.

a remaining silence.

I’m not sure why I looked up but I did. then I left.