good-turn-bad-turn-good day

well. as I may say, my life today is rather unusual… and as you may say, life has its own ups-and-downs. it sure is, yet i’m feeling rather relieved that i still find that my today’s life cycle has been good-turn-bad-turn-good.

so today started with a rather good start: a 1-0 victory in a set of Winning Eleven match in the morning made me think that what will happen today would be great – and although the victory had been paid-back right away (hell, another 1-0, this time is my defeat as i played the set with 10 players for the rest of the 2nd half? but it’s a loss nonetheless) I was still thinking that it was a nice start.

yes, it is… until then. arrived late by 5 mins on the Numerical Analysis lecture held on 0800, I was somehow dragged back to sit on the nearly-rearmost seat (what?) and while attempting to comprehend the Householder Transformation, i realized that somehow (at least for me) there is a linear pattern between seat position and level of understanding in a lecture.

so it happened that i got past the Numerical Analysis stuff, and as I walked to the Student Council Office, I was told that I had to do a written report for the office that was due TODAY. crap. the 1st day back to campus, and after a deadline of a Numerical Analysis assignment (as I wrote here before, it was a due date for the assignment), then I had to make a written report for the office.

…and life sure knows when to get tough.

and as I was thinking of how I would get my written report done before today ends, there is another mess on the 1st day on. well, there were no food to eat. no. there were no food to buy, that is. the kiosks were closed, and as I walk along the path around the campus, nearly all of them were either closed or overly-crowded. and none was a choice for me.

and yet, the sun was shining (over?) brightly, leaving an unusual hot-and-dry weather. and crap, as I was thinking of buying something cold-and-nice to drink, the kiosk were also all closed. oh, not really. there was one opening, but I couldn’t find the one I wanted. how did a kind of cheap-but-nice 500ml-packed bottle of beverage become that rare?

back to the campus, as the canteen is still in silence, and along with the chronic thirst attack (and nothing to drink), I walked to the 2nd floor, before the Project Management Lecture on 1300. and should I ask a question, may I ask: had my luck left me for today?

…and it was a ‘no’ for the answer.

as finally I met a bottle of water (mineral water, but somehow tastes really good… dunno how it came) given by a friend (thanks man!), and some quick rest. not really good, but it should do a thing or more. it was not really bad, at the least.

and later then I was prepared for the Project Management lecture… guess what? that was an empty slot as the lecturer didn’t come to manage the lecture. I don’t really understand how it went, though. another luck? maybe.

OK, and it was the time to eliminate the written report. and as one-or-two hour has passed, the report was well-done and ready to submit… and then I was told that the due date was postponed. oh, good. and I have finished the report already. well, at least I wouldn’t have to stay until late tonight to submit the written report.

…and now i’m rather sleepy after writing this scrap. well, just another scrap from me. don’t mind this post too much, though.

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