broken code of conduct

“when I was a child, I was taught about ethics. when I am an adult, I am told otherwise.”


years back, I was a child. believing in what was taught to me, while seeing those so-called adults as generous people whose steps I was to follow.

years then, I am (supposedly) an adult. believing in what was taught to me, broken one by one; ironically enough, throughout years of living in this very world I detest.

yeah, it’s not a perfect world. and stupidly enough, I refused to let go of them.

  1. be honest on your words and deeds
  2. be responsible on your own deeds
  3. respect other people
  4. keep your promise
  5. never cheat on other people
  6. never steal anything from anyone
  7. be kind and generous to others
  8. keep your friends close

4 items throughout those years… the world is surely a nice place to stay.


detesting the way the world works. what’s so good about it anyways? =P

10 thoughts on “broken code of conduct”

  1. coincidently i found this blog and i loves to read your blog… though i’m not really understand bahasa indonesia (^_^)\/

    -do keep writing-

  2. gw tuh apa? hehehe
    and what sora-kun and Ri are talking about? 6?5?

    i need to learn more bahasa indonesia to manage to understand half of this blog

  3. @ amlierxa

    Ah, “gw” itu singkatan tulisan dari kata “gue”. Itu bahasa prokem untuk kata “saya” di daerah Jakarta dan sekitarnya. ^^

    Soal angka 6, maksudnya dari 8 code of conduct di atas masih tersisa 6 yang belum jebol. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. @ amlierxa
    just buy malysian-indonesia dictionary,is there any dictionary like that??
    malaysian-indonesia dictionary,sound silly.hahaha

  5. ^

    not that silly. some people managed to make some kind of online dictionary… still, if you came through any malaysian-originated blogs, they have different language sets (albeit similar) to Indonesian.

    not to say it’s not that close though, but slangs and informal form (besides the vocabularies, of course) are some of the differing factors (and the difference gaps tend to get larger AFAIK).

  6. i also cross #4,, but then,, later on,, i’m affraid that someone will not gonna keep the promise they made for me.. well, think that’s the price to pay.. =(

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