lag of update, and some news (sort of)

it has been like forever since the last time I updated this website for yet another entry. not that I didn’t want to (err.. really ^^;), but meh. there are things happened recently, and altogether successfully rendered November 2008 as the month with least update ever on this website — only two updates, and two vacant weeks towards the end of last month.

as far as some readers are probably concerned, this has affected my activity on Plurk as well. oh well, at least I still managed to do some sort of microblogging these days — still doesn’t make any excuse for not writing here anyways.

by the way. it seems like I would be away from my usual unlimited, flat rate and beloved DSL connection for a while. given the situation, it would be likely that I’m not going to be online on Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk past office hours. implies that I have to (sort of) bid my farewell for the usual late-night chat and conference session. I’m sorry for this inconvenience to anyone — you know who you are.

another thing… it has been years already since I updated the ‘Profile’, ‘About’, and ‘Contact’ section of this website. given the current situation, I guess it’s time already to update these sections — I’ll be trying to update them as soon as possible, but I still have yet to see what would be there in the mean time.

last but not least. I hope I would be able to post another entry as soon as possible. can’t promise anything yet though, but at least an entry is expected to be published not later than Dec 25.

I’ll write again later. thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 thoughts on “lag of update, and some news (sort of)”

  1. Ho..apa plurk segitu addictive nya ya?
    *coba aktifin account plurk jadoel*
    Btw,di tunggu tulisan bru nya ya yud!:-)

  2. [i]it would be likely that Iโ€™m not going to be online on Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk past office hours. [/i]

    Berarti ngobrolnya pas office hour dong… bagus bagus xD
    beuh sombong mentang2 dah jadi budak kapitalis xD xD


  3. ^

    susah juga sih, masalahnya gw lagi jauh dari koneksi internet yang biasa. kayaknya harus mikirin pake mobile, tapi nggak tau deh. mungkin lihat keadaan nanti gimana.

    btw, italic bisa kok. bold underline strike juga bisa. makanya, yang penting itu niat baik… :mrgreen:

  4. hoooo, ternyata yang ‘penampakan’nya model gitu, namanya Plurk ya…

    *baru tahu*

    Dulu pernah lihat yang punya siapa gitu… *lupa*
    tapi waktu itu belum tau kalo itu sejenis ‘mikrobloging’ aka plurk :mrgreen:

    Lucu juga.

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