three years ago today

ed. note: today I stumbled upon an old note I wrote elsewhere on FB three years ago. it was in a hard day’s night with someone I remember. not exactly tender moments I’d say, but for sure it’s not something I have forgotten.

Feb 22, 2012, 8:50 PM. thanks to Timehop.

I ended up going to the office after calling half-day sick leave. not sure if it was a good decision I made — hours later it was past seven already. post-meridiem.

“sure, ” I said. “everyone likes to have everything ‘by today’. thanks.”

as it was there was an unusual choke around my throat. then again why should I care?

“after all not many people are concerned with how I feel or if I’m happy anyway.” I continued. “with the situations, lesson learned to me.”

“gosh, you made me feel that I’m heartless about it! but fine, it’s okay. it’s a good reminder to me. sorry, but stay strong. many people, also the selfish, whatever, rely on you.”


“FYI. I do have concern about it.”

a trembled voice after a prolonged silence. that was what she said. that was all for today. over and out.

looking back, the two of us have come a long way ever since. I’d like to think things have been for the better.

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