a photographer’s rant

let me tell you something.

I like photographing people at their wedding. or engagement. might as well some pre-wed session. there are times when the bride smiles, the bridegroom grins, the family laugh. all the good times, in a moment to remember.

and then there was the shutter release. capturing the moment, hopefully good enough, so that one day they look back at the photograph they will be reminded that there were really precious moments they shared. that they were happy, they were loved, and everyone was smiling and laughing.

really, I think I understand how wedding photographers can be really passionate about their work.

but that’s not what I want to say to you.

there are times, actually, behind the lens, when I see the bride smiling and she looked really happy. and I couldn’t help thinking of you; ‘God, were she in front of me right now, she would make a really good photograph!’

but, you know?

I have no idea how I’m going to take your photograph at your wedding, or engagement, pre-wed whatsoever, when I can’t say for sure that I’d be able to take that photograph for you.

and then you’d ask me, ‘how so?’  and what if I tell you now, that what I want is to be by your side at that moment, and let someone else take the shutter release in that once-in-a-lifetime moment for you?

it will be annoying. like, really, seriously. I completely understand and I’m acutely aware that I’m going to miss that moment —of yours— of which might have been a great shot were it to be in front of my lens.

but still.

I don’t want to be your wedding photographer. that’s what I want to say.

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