dear partner

I’ll be frank about this:
you are annoying.

it was just another once;
you got on my nerves, I did the same
God knows whatever else

you’re telling me not to judge others,
I’m telling you to listen to people,
and suddenly we seem better off without each other

okay, fine!
I have only one problem with that;
I told you once, and I still mean it now:

if I were to pilot a Jaeger,
I’d choose you as my partner

great. I always wonder
if we could ever be
a little

yeah, just a little more, if it’s okay
then again

you left me hanging, you got me baffled,
you don’t want to listen and I don’t want to talk

fine. whatever.
but did it ever come to you to remember?

that I told you once

that I could never, ever, ever
hate you.

not even one bit.

5 thoughts on “dear partner”

  1. tadi berantem.. serem
    entah kenapa tadi isengku kumat, mungkin juga kuota annoyance dia juga udah penuh mungkin,,
    things settled, but got akward somehow.
    i think i got to know him better now, think i took a step, only not sure if it’s forward or backward for him

  2. eh, you know what. berantem itu nggak apa-apa kok. it can be good thing, really. sering-sering berantem konstruktif itu dasarnya bagus kok.

    well, I can say that for fact. first-hand experience. :mrgreen:

  3. iya..
    stil, only short text replies.. lol
    both feel guilty, “completely my fault, i’m sorry”
    AB type memang klo lagi kumat, makin susah dmengerti, huhuhuh
    but that’s the fun!

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